Losing a tooth - Jan Short Story U18 Entry, Ann Maria Thomson

'' AHH...AHHHHH....'' I cried in pain as my dad pulled my tooth out. He had taken a long white thread and tied it tightly onto my teeth. My third tooth also fell from my mouth. In the end, I would be toothless with only gums like my old grandma. I should have listened to my mom when she said - '' Baby, don't eat chocolates. It is bad for your teeth.'' I went rushing to the toilet and spat out blood. I am going to die today. ''Baby, rinse your mouth properly and come. You can bite a cotton ball for some time'', my mom shouted from the living room. Why are they not sad knowing that I am going to die in a few minutes? I closed my eyes in anger, rinsed my mouth, and bit a cotton ball at the site where I lost my teeth. My mom came and gave me cold vanilla ice cream. '' Mom, stop!'' I said in a loud tone. She had the tissue paper in which my tooth was placed. ''I will throw it myself'' I grabbed the tissue paper from my mom's hand and rushed to my room. 
My friend had told me that if I kept my tooth under the pillow, the 'tooth fairy' would come at night and give me a gold coin. Night had fallen and I placed my tooth under the pillow. After some time, a yellow light appeared in front of me and suddenly a woman dressed in gold dress with wings appeared. Her wings were yellow and glittered in the dark. '' I am the tooth fairy. I have seen that you have lost a tooth. Take your tooth in your hand and close your eyes and say Tooth world, tooth world, open your gates for me ''. I repeated just as the tooth fairy said. Suddenly my leg slipped away and I fell to the ground. I opened my eyes to see myself surrounded by white cotton clouds. A golden gate opened and two fairies stood on each side. The red-dress fairy said, '' Ann Maria from Bahrain. Today morning at 11 am. May I please have your tooth?'' I handed over my tooth to the fairy. She took some red glitter from the pouch that hung from her waist. She sprinkled the dust on top of the tooth and it turned white, blazing white. The other fairy said ''Verified. It is a real tooth. You may enter. Your token is 115. Welcome to the Tooth World!'' 

I stepped inside and the gate shut close. I started walking forward not knowing the way. On the right, there was a board and it said,

           ' Upper Front teeth- North
             Lower front teeth- East
             Canines- West'
 If you need any help with the directions, please call out the name 'Snowy' 

Where is north? I called out '' Snowy'' and suddenly a white, unicorn with a shiny golden mane and tail appeared. His golden mane fell over his dark black eyes. His horn was golden glittering in the light. '' Lady, please be seated. I will take you to your destination.'' The unicorn bent down and I slipped onto his back. He started flying among the big white clouds. Children were standing in queues in front of the castles. The castles were so tall that I could touch them when Snowy flew. Snowy started descending and dropped me at the back of a long crowd. Fair skinned kids, dark skinned kids, brown kids, kids with golden hair, kids with black hair, kids with red hair, and many more different kids stood in the queue. A fairy dressed in a purple frock and a crown made of purple roses said, '' 90''. I had to wait for more time. So I moved side ways, took a ticket and got into the 'Tooth Brush Rollercoaster.' Me and several kids from other queues jumped onto the seats in between the bristles. After the ride I joined back the queue. '' 115'' the fairy called out. The girl in front of me left and it was my turn to climb the long stairs covered in a red carpet. I stepped my leg on one of the steps and suddenly I rose from the ground and was taken up.  I landed on the ground and my eyes caught a magnificent sight. A beautiful princess sat on a big red seat and fairies surrounded her. I went forward to her and she took a gold coin from her treasure chest and said '' Congratulations Ann. Keep it safe.'' I smiled at that beautiful face, my palms holding tightly to the gold coin. I thanked her and began to go down the stairs when suddenly a blazing yellow light made me close my eyes. I opened my eyes to find 6.00 am on the alarm clock. 

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