Sona’s adventures by Sarita Devi - Short story ADULT entry

Sona’s adventures! During mid 80’s, at Dinjan, a small township in Assam, North-East India. It is unadulterated, lush green, sitting amidst tea gardens. Sona lived in Air Force Station.

Not more than hundred families lived in tiny white houses with sloping green roofs. Near a children’s park, government quarters were under construction. The baby hills of sand, stacks of bricks, bundles of bamboo sticks, ditches and mud pools had become favorite play areas for kids. Fortunately, just like nature Sona’s childhood was untainted too!

The television had not invaded the lives of middle class Indians. Sona spent most of the free time outdoors until she was dragged inside home by her mother! Sona and her friends used to catch frogs, cut them open with rusted blades to see what frogs hide inside! They felt like high school biology students while dissecting frogs. They were caring enough to stitch the frog skin before leaving them in the water. They believed that all surgeries were successful and frogs were alive!

The partially constructed quarters had become hide and seek spots for the children. While playing, Sona hid on a ledge. Nobody could find Sona for a long time. Aru, Sona’s elder brother was calling out for Sona as it was the time for sunset and they needed to return home as per the mommy’s rule. Sona heard Aru calling out so she jumped from the ledge in jiffy. Ouuuuuuuccch!!! screamed Sona. Her right foot landed on a row of nails sticking out of a bamboo stick. Her foot bled profusely.

Aru helped Sona to walk with his support. He was quite nervous about the scolding they will get for playing in dangerous construction sites. As expected by Sona and Aru, they got scolded by daddy for being careless. Daddy took Sona to the nearby clinic. Doctor gave an injection to prevent Tetanus, cleaned and dressed the wound.

Sona wasn’t supposed to walk till the healing was complete. She took a short break from the school and stayed at home with mom. Once mom made her sit in the garden to soak some morning sun. Mom went inside to take shower.

While Sona was busy drawing and coloring, she spotted a troop of monkeys in the garden. Monkeys were enjoying eating fresh pea pods from the garden. Sona got horrified thus called out for mom. Mom was in shower! Mom did not respond. Sona cried out so loud that monkeys got scared and ran away! 

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