Few years back, on one bad sunny day I met a person. We both were strangers for each other but still he started talking to me and I was silent. He was speaking a lot but I couldn’t even hear a word out of it because of my bad mood. The time was doing its job of running and the sun and moon too.  But this person didn’t stop even for a minute and then I heard a question.  It was something I never heard in my life. And my answer was unknown.

After few seconds, he asked me don’t you know the answer?

I still remember that feeling when a stranger asked me a most important question of life and I was silent like my mobile. 

He said “this Life is unique and finding out the uniqueness is what makes it live. Life is not just few lines on a piece of paper held by a person speaking in front of thousands and lakhs of audience introducing himself as the ‘motivator’. Life is beyond those words and sentences; it is unexplainable and unstoppable. The only thing you have to do is to find yourself in this life.”

Then, he told me to find an answer for the question and left.

At that moment, I understood the importance of that answer which I didn’t have. His question was very simple and unchallenging. But finding an answer for the same was not so easy.

I don’t know where did he come from and what was he doing in life. I neither know his name nor his address. The only thing I knew and I remember was his blue winter jacket in hot weather and the question.

From that day my Pursuit for the unknown answer began and I tried in every way to find it out. In this Pursuit, I have not just found the answer to the question but also, I found Myself.

Yes, the question that stranger asked me was ‘WHO ARE YOU?’. 

This does look simple and easy but it isn’t because the answer for this question is not your name or your qualification. It is all about a hidden treasure which has to be hunted.

All you need is immense trust in yourself because this Pursuit of treasure must not end until you find it and the same is what I did. There are many tests which you have to pass in this journey. And you need to accept a truth that the treasure is hidden inside you and your only target in this journey is to explore it. Everyone has different ways and techniques to find that hidden treasure known as Talent. The time will never stop for you to explore it.

The day you find your talent, you will have an answer for that question but still the pursuit continues.

Because finding the Talent was an answer and a beginning of new journey. In this stage many people deviate from their talent due to broken trust and move on to the next goal, success and for reaching that goal we need to learn and earn a lot. But Talent is not what you learn to earn, it is a natural ability. An ability which can bring you the success and satisfaction but at a cost. A cost which you need to pay for the Evolution of your Talent. Because Evolution of your talent is equally important as discovering the same.

Your talent describes you and decides you. At last, finding talent is nothing but exploring your life’s most important chapter, you.

Do you know you?


LOKENDRA SIMHADRI                


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A Passionate writer from India pursuing a professional course in Bahrain.

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