The Audi activesphere concept – offering maximum versatility for an active lifestyle both on and off-road

The latest model in Audi’s futuristic concepts – and the fourth in the series – is the Audi activesphere. Following on from the Audi skysphere roadster in 2021,  the Audi grandsphere sedan and the Audi urbansphere space concept in April 2022, a four-door crossover coupé with a versatile body design is now making its debut.

At 4.98 metres long, the highly elegant car is more than a mere luxury-class sports car, it has impressive ground clearance, and large 22-inch wheels announcing its off-road capabilities. The Sportback rear of the activesphere can turn into an open cargo bed (“active back”) at the touch of a button – perfect for carrying recreational equipment.

By combining opposites in perfect synthesis, the Audi activesphere proves its versatility, with a drive system and suspension that make it equally adept both on and off the road for a great driving experience. For those wanting a more relaxed journey, it offers autonomous driving. As a coupé that is as elegant as it is dynamic, the car features classic proportions and lines, but in just a few seconds, the car transforms into a pickup, with enough space for two e-bikes in the cargo bed.

The concept car was conceived and designed at the Audi Design Studio in Malibu, where studio manager, Gael Buzyn, and his team, are the creative minds behind the project. “The activesphere is unique. It is a new type of crossover that cleverly combines the elegance of an Audi Sportback, the practicality of a SUV and true offroad capabilities,” says Gael.

With an electric drive and quick-charging technology from Audi’s Premium Platform Electric (PPE) modular system, the Audi activesphere, has a range of over 600 km, and extremely fast charging times thanks to 800-volt technology, combining the sustainability, dynamics and long-distance capability of a state-of-the-art electric vehicle with no local emissions.

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