Feb Short Story U18 Entry, Ann Maria Thomson Earth People

“Mom, I want that,” Sami said grabbing her mom's hands. “ Honey, you already took one. If you want that flavor then you may exchange the one in the basket for that one.” Sami’s mother said pointing at the aisle with the potato chips. “That's so unfair” Sami stormed her way to her dad. As she was running to her dad, suddenly the ground started trembling. It was a gentle tremble yet Sami was scared to take the next step. She stood there for a moment when the ground started shaking again with even greater vigor. Sami's legs gave off and she fell on the floor. The display racks  started falling down throwing off all the items and the kids started crying. The shopping baskets hurled off in the air. People started screaming their lungs out. The skies banged with great strength. Suddenly the ceiling tore apart and a bright shining light came down. The ground became still. The screams stopped. The people turned pale white in terror, holding tightly onto their dear ones. Sami rubbed her eyes and slowly the bright light went out a little.

Four men who had gold rays-like crown on the back of their heads stood there. They wore a white tunic and had big golden wings. Sami’s dad and mom ran to her and hugged her tightly. ‘’ Who are they, dad? Why are they dressed up like Greek gods?’’ Sami asked her utterly confused dad. He was scared out of his wits that he couldn't answer her. People were so terror-stricken that many started hiding behind the fallen shelves. ‘’ Who are these foolish men, dressed like they are in a play?’’ A giant muscular man shouted in his loud, hoarse voice. He went forward to the four men and raised his hands to hit one of the men. When his closed fists touched the skin of the man, his hand caught fire. The man was shocked and started growling in pain as the fire burned his hands. All the people were terrified to take a step forward to help the man in his agony. He ran off roaring to the outside of the shop and dipped his hands in the destroyed water fountain at the center of the mall.
The shop was dead silent. Suddenly the young man whom the giant guy was about to hit started talking. As he started talking, flames started coming out of his mouth. The fire alarms gave off and the entire mall was buzzing with the alarm sound. His voice was terrible and loud. He raised his voice as if he was shouting at the people but the horrified crowd couldn’t understand a single word he said. Sami took the mobile phone out of her mom’s pocket and opened Google Translate to decipher what the man was speaking. But Google translate wasn’t responding. It couldn’t identify the language the man was speaking. He stopped speaking and looked around. All four of them looked at the ceiling and howled. A big-headed, thin-bodied creature with bony fingers came down. The toddlers started crying seeing the creepy creature. ‘’ An alien’’, Sami’s eyes widened in excitement at the sight of the creature. It came forward and put a gold band on the hands of the man speaking. The man started speaking in his language again but the device started translating it into English. 

‘’Greetings Earth people. We are the Sun people and I am their leader. We have come a long way to your planet to give you an important message. Our sister Earth is dying. Its waters, skies, and lands are being destroyed by you humans. Why are you doing this? She is your mother.’’ The ground shook as he yelled. ‘’ The Sun had sent us to your planet to warn you about the consequences of your actions. If you don’t do anything about your actions right now, you will be in great pain and Earth will eventually die. You and your sons and daughters, the plants and animals that are fed by this Earth will perish forever.’’ The people slowly started coming out from behind the shelves. ‘’ Do save your mother now, right now’’ he screamed and huge flames of fire came out of his mouth. His wings opened. Sparks of fire were let out as he flew out through the hole in the ceiling followed by his companions and the alien. People were looking at each other not knowing what to say. They all stared through the hole as the Sun people flew into the unknown. Sami and her parents started collecting the contents of their basket from the floor. Sami said to her dad, ‘’ Dad, we can fill them in paper bags instead of plastic. Earth can only be saved by Earth people. '' 

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