Bridgestone addresses lane change hazards with latest initiative during UN Global Road Safety Week

Bridgestone, a global leader in sustainable mobility and advanced solutions, launched THE LANE CHANGE SONG – a first-of-its-kind radio takeover, to encourage road safety and reduce accidents caused by sudden lane changes on highways in the UAE. The latest initiative coincided with the UN Global Road Safety Week, which was held recently.

As part of the initiative, ARN, the UAE's leading radio station group, aired an original track composed by Bridgestone during the week, that encouraged motorists to make safer decisions by highlighting the futility of taking shortcuts on highways. The song was broadcasted as the opening commercial on all ARN stations.

At Bridgestone, we consider it our responsibility to promote safe mobility habits from the ground up and contribute to shaping a safer society. This initiative, which supports the Bridgestone E8 Commitment value of ‘Ease: Committed to bringing comfort and peace of mind to mobility life,’ promised to improve road safety standards and promote community wellbeing. Moreover, the UN Global Road Safety Week initiative allowed us to stand united reduce accidents and create a safer environment. As a team, we are confident that we can make a positive impact on communities and promote their overall safety.”

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