Notable Leaders and Representatives Gathered and Supported the Caspian Energy Investment Forum 2023 at Tashkent

Uzbekistan, Tashkent: The international "Caspian Energy Investment Forum Tashkent 2023" was recently held at the heart of Uzbekistan, Tashkent, under the joint organization of "Caspian Energy Club" and "Caspian Energy Uzbekistan."

Chairman of the Executive Board of "Caspian Energy Uzbekistan", Tehran Aliyev, stated that the forum was organized as part of the activities planned by the "Caspian Energy Club" in 20 countries and was dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the National Leader of the Azerbaijani Nation - Heydar Aliyev.

Let us mention that the first three forums focused on this event were held on 28 February in Tbilisi, 22 March in Prague, and 30 April in Istanbul.
Telman Aliyev, the CEO of "Caspian Energy Club" and chairman of the Executive Board, gave a welcome speech at the beginning of the event.

According to Tehran Aliyev, Chairman of the Executive Board of "Caspian Energy Uzbekistan", the main topics of the international "Caspian Energy Investment Forum Tashkent 2023" are the investment potential of Uzbekistan and the country's development model, the possibilities of the "New Tashkent" project, investments, the possibilities of IT projects, the development of the Middle Corridor, "Green Energy" transit, energy security, and export and import opportunities.
"Bilateral relations between the two countries are constantly being improved, and every effort is made to realize their full potential. In this regard, I want to highlight how crucial the forum is as a platform for communication between the public and private structures of the two nations. Members of the Caspian Energy Club are also eager to collaborate with GULF nations.

Additionally, the Uzbek economy offers excellent opportunities for IT, agriculture, green energy, and construction projects. “Caspian Energy Club” is interested in hosting similar investment events in the Gulf nations, particularly in the UAE, which is a business-friendly nation,” stated T. Aliyev.

The Foreign Investment Promotion Agency of Uzbekistan, the Uzbek International Forwarders Association, the Chamber of Business and Industry of Uzbekistan (UZBIC), as well as IT Park, UZTEXTIL, among others, participated in the event and responded to questions from club members, he continued.

Tehran Aliyev, Chairman of the Executive Board of Caspian Energy Uzbekistan

T. Aliyev also mentioned that the delegation of the "Caspian Energy Club" will visit the 25th anniversary international exhibition "Oil and Gas of Uzbekistan - OGU 2023" as well as will make business trips to enterprises such as "TECHNOPARK" LLC, IT Park, and so on.

T. Aliyev expressed his special gratitude to the sponsors of the forum, including "Azersun Holding," "Destec Group," "F-Chain," "Vitam," "Caspian Service," "Techpro DC," "AvtomatikaAz," and "Falcon" for their support to the forum, as well as to the attendees for their interest and active participation.

T. Aliyev also stated that IRIS Media was the only business from the GULF region to participate and attend the event and do an interview, and he thanked them for their participation.
Leaders and representatives from more than 200 Uzbek state institutions, as well as diplomatic and international missions accredited in the nation, and top executives from Caspian, Black Sea, and Baltic nations, and also representatives from private companies, attended the forum.

The objectives of the forum were to strengthen bilateral economic relationships, promote "B2B networking" on a global scale to address business issues, and draw attention to the opportunities made available to foreign investors and entrepreneurs.

As part of the forum, a memorandum was signed between "DESTEC GROUP" and "UZTEXTIL."
On the same day, the 9th international "Caspian Business Award" ceremony was held within the framework of "Caspian Energy Investment Forum Tashkent 2023". “Azersun,” “Logix,” and “F-chain” companies were the recipients of the award.

The forum attendees who newly joined the "Caspian Energy Club" were presented with certificates at the end of the event.

"Caspian Energy Club" is a dynamic and developing regional organization that brings together more than 5,000 companies from 50 different nations. The main goal of "Caspian Energy Club", which is an active participant in the business-government dialogue, is to improve the investment and business environment in Azerbaijan and other nations where "Caspian Energy Club" operates. It also aims to encourage and actively take part in dialogues in B2G, B2B, and B2C formats.

“Caspian Energy Club”, an international platform for business networking, regularly organizes various events. With its main office in Baku, the “Caspian Energy Club” also has authorized agents in Türkiye, Georgia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, the Czech Republic, Israel, Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and the United Arab Emirates, as well as authorized representatives in several countries around the world.

Telman Aliyev, the CEO of Caspian Energy Club

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