Measuring up to the Year of Sustainability: The Emirates’ Center for Mobility Research becomes the first member of the International Road Federation

Al Ain, UAE: The Emirates Mobility Research Centre (ECMR) at the United Arab Emirates University (UAEU) is the first academic research entity in the UAE to become a member of the International Road Federation (IRF).

Dr. Hamad Abdullah Al Jassmi, Director of the EMRC and Prof. Kamil Kaloush, Chairman of the International Road Educational Foundation (IREF) and a member of the Executive Board of the IRFofficiated at a ceremony to inaugurate the occasion. Also in attendance were representatives of the USA International Road Federation, the ECMR’s expert and professorial teams, representatives of the transportation sector, and UAEU students.

Dr. Hamad Al Jassmi confirmed with confidence that, “Following the declaration of 2023 as the ‘UAE’s Year of Sustainability’ we joined the International Road Federation with the ambition to achieve a safe, integrated, efficient and environmentally friendly transportation system. Our vision is to secure effective cooperation with non-profit institutions and the private and public sectors so that our collaborative scientific research and efforts to train national talent meet the current and future needs of the transportation sector.”

Dr. Al Jassmi emphasized that the ECMR’s membership will bring many important advantages, supporting its intent to align its operations with the national agenda. He said that through this membership, the ECMR aims to establish an international network of experts and specialists. The network will support talent development through student training programs and student participation in the IRF’s seminars, workshops, and conferences. He added that membership of IRF will benefit UAEU students by giving them access to IRF research funding opportunities and the privilege of participating in international competitions.

Prof. Kamil Kaloush said, “The ECMR will be a valuable member of the IRF, leading to the greater sustainability and safety of roads and support for the development of road safety management networks worldwide”. He noted that the ECMR’s goals aligned with the UAE’s objective to support efficient and sustainable infrastructure. In conclusion he said, "The IRF anticipates great value in the ECMR’s membership because it will drive innovative interdisciplinary projects related to the road and transportation sector."

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