BMW Group selected as VIP E-Mobility Provider

BMW Group has announced its role as the VIP E-Mobility Provider for COP28 UAE, which will take place from 30 November to 12 December 2023 in Dubai.

As part of its contribution to COP28, BMW Group will deploy a fleet of BMW i7, BMW iX as well as BMW iX5 Hydrogen for the exclusive use of VIP guests and officials during COP28.

The flagship BMW i7 carries the hallmark of Middle Eastern innovation and ingenuity, with key components crafted using sustainably-sourced solar electrons produced in the UAE by Emirates Global Aluminum, contributing to a significant reduction in greenhouse emissions during the production cycle.

Meanwhile, the BMW iX embodies BMW Group's key approach of circular design. The principle is to find the best way to keep materials in the cycle – ensuring resources are not lost but retain their value for long-term use. What is more, the use of high-quality secondary materials significantly reduces BMW Group’s vehicles’ carbon footprint.

        The BMW iX5 Hydrogen has just successfully completed intensive hot-weather tests in the United Arab Emirates. The pilot vehicle is highly suited to long journeys and short refueling stops, while also featuring a locally emissions-free drive. Subject to the corresponding framework conditions, its hydrogen fuel cell technology has the potential to be another pillar in the future BMW Group drive portfolio.

BMW VIP e-mobility Provider COP28

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