Divya Chakra 2.0 Celebrates India-UAE Cultural Harmony with Grand Success

The second edition of the highly anticipated Divya Chakra event took place at the prestigious Taj Exotica Resort & Spa The Palm, Dubai on November 25, creating a perfect blend of business brilliance and cultural vibrancy. Under the esteemed patronage of the Consulate General of India in Dubai and in collaboration with McFill Events, the event paid homage to the flourishing Indian entrepreneurial spirit in the UAE.

The evening was graced by a distinguished gathering of business leaders, artists and performers, making it a spectacular showcase of art and culture. At the heart of the event were the prestigious Divya Chakra Awards, honouring the exceptional contributions of Indian business leaders to the UAE economy.

"Divya Chakra embodies the essence of collaboration and excellence. It is a reflection of the vibrant ties between India and the UAE. As we come together to celebrate our shared cultures, we honor those who contribute to the tapestry of our communities," says Mr. Satish Kumar Sivan, the newly appointed Consul General of India to Dubai and the Northern Emirates, with nearly two decades of rich diplomatic experience.

The distinguished individuals recognized for their noteworthy accomplishments and contributions are as follows:

Abdulla Ajmal: Acknowledged for his instrumental role in the transformation of Ajmal Perfumes into a global fragrance powerhouse through exceptional brand positioning.

Ali Asgar Fakhruddin: Recognized for his pivotal contributions to the success of Fakhruddin Holdings and his unwavering commitment to philanthropy and environmentally sustainable practices.

Ankur Aggarwal: Celebrated for his visionary leadership, turning Bricks N Woods into a pioneering company specializing in unique properties in the UAE.

Tally Solutions: Recognized as a leader in the business software industry, awarded for their innovative products that empower businesses worldwide with effective software solutions.

Harsh Patel: Awarded as the UAE's Youngest Icon, Harsh is acknowledged for his excellence in finance and law, coupled with a strong commitment to philanthropic endeavors.

PNC Menon: Recognized for his unwavering commitment to excellence, quality, and social responsibility in his capacity as the Founder and Chairman of Sobha Group.

Ranveer Brar: Celebrated for his significant and influential contributions to the culinary landscape of India on a global scale.

Raveena Devnani: Recognized for her extensive 25+ years of expertise in Exhibitions & Events, demonstrating excellence in both B2B and B2C settings.

Vashu Shroff: Recognized for his unwavering commitment that extends to community affairs, education, and philanthropy, his prosperous career spans textiles, electronics, real estate, and more. His dedication has successfully established the renowned Regal Group.

These accomplished individuals exemplified excellence in their respective fields and have significantly contributed to their industries.

The event was also attended by high-profile guests, including government dignitaries, business moguls, artists and cultural icons from across the country. The evening provided a platform for networking, collaboration, and the exchange of ideas, shaping the future of India-UAE relations.

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