Kia granted Official Match Ball Carrier Program at FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024

Kia Corporation, an Official Partner of the 12th edition of the FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup 2024TM  held in Dubai, UAE, from February 15 to February 25, at Dubai Design District (D3), has been granted the rights to the Official Match Ball Carrier (OMBC) program.

The initiative is poised to enhance the overall spectator experience, providing an unforgettable opportunity for children to actively participate in the tournament as they deliver the match ball to the referee before the start of every game.

The program will see 16 children leading the players onto the pitch and delivering the official match ball to the pitch at the start of each match. This experience not only contributes to the vibrant atmosphere of the tournament but also fosters a sense of inclusion and excitement for young football enthusiasts.

As part of Kia's ongoing partnership with FIFA, the Official Match Ball Carrier program adds an exciting dimension to the brand's on-ground activations during the tournament. The event will include engaging infotainment activities and a dynamic 10x10 brand activation area, including a dynamic display of Kia’s cutting-edge all-electric vehicles, the all-new EV9 and EV6 models, inviting participants to engage with Kia’s cutting-edge vehicles - offering a firsthand experience of the innovation that defines Kia's automotive excellence.

The tournament will see 16 qualified teams from around the world, promising an exhilarating competition that will captivate soccer fans globally. Participating countries include the host nation UAE, along with Senegal, Egypt, Argentina, Colombia, Tahiti, Belarus, USA, Mexico, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Iran, Japan, and Oman.

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