New Bicycle Brands Enter the UAE Market Revolutionizing Cycling Culture

The multi-brand bicycle boutique Wowbikes and Electra Bicycle Company (Electra brand belongs to the TREK) bring new perspectives to the development of cycling culture in the UAE by introducing to the market premium European and American brands that were not previously available in the country.

This development is set to redefine the cycling landscape, emphasizing a shift towards electric bicycles for leisure and fitness, with a spotlight on brands like Schindelhauer, RUFF, Benno, and Vello. These manufacturers aim to cater to the diverse needs of cyclists, offering a unique blend of comfort, style, and innovation. Furthermore, through the efforts of Wowbikes and the Electra Bicycle Company, the UAE market now boasts access to premium cycling accessories from distinguished brands such as Brooks and Ulac.

Scientific evidence indicates that individuals using electric bicycles tend to ride more frequently and cover longer distances compared to those using manual bicycles1. This becomes particularly relevant in Dubai and Abu-Dhabi, given their vast distances and occasionally challenging terrain. The introduction of new electric bicycle brands aligns seamlessly with the local government's initiatives to promote bicycle transportation in the UAE, fostering a cycling culture.

Among the noteworthy brands, RUFF is recognized for its premium models, including the impressive Ruffian, and Vello is known for pioneering the reinvention of folding bikes. In the Benno range, there are electric bicycles distinguished by a unique set of features. These are cargo bicycles designed to effortlessly carry up to 200 kilograms of cargo or accommodate two child passengers simultaneously. Benno's bicycles, renowned for their versatility, serve the rescue services in Switzerland, and in the Emirates, they emerge not only as a dynamic leisure option but also as a delightful source of recreation and practical transportation for parents with children. Schindelhauer Bikes is a German brand recognized for its sleek and minimalist approach to bicycle design. Founded in 2009 in Berlin, the company has gained acclaim for producing high-quality urban bicycles that seamlessly blend form and function.

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