In a "luxurious" musical evening with Hussain Al Jassmi

In a "luxurious" musical evening marked by multiple testimonies of grandeur and elegance, the Emirati artist Hussain Al Jassmi, known as the "Mountain of Arabic Music", narrated various captivating tales of love, distinction, and creativity to the packed audience of over 14,000 in the sold-out Dubai Coca-Cola Arena. His voice resonated through the venue, enchanting the diverse audience of different nationalities and ages, igniting their enthusiasm that surpassed all boundaries of joy and love. He reigned supreme with the audience's testimony on the throne of Arabic music with its various musical tones and Arabic dialects, while also topping the trends on several social media platforms in the UAE.

Al Jassmi's entrance onto the stage was exceptional as usual, as he engaged with the unparalleled audience interaction throughout the two-hour spectacle, performing a wide array of his songs selected from Emirati, Saudi, Kuwaiti, Egyptian, and Iraqi musical styles, among others, responding to requests and cheers from the crowd during the grand concert. He kicked off with the song "Hamal al-Dar," dedicated to His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, the Crown Prince of the UAE, amidst the audience's jubilation and engagement, spreading all meanings of love and loyalty.

Al Jassmi extended his greetings to all attendees on the occasion of the blessed Eid al-Adha, expressing that words fail to describe their love and sophisticated presence, concluding his speech with his famous phrase, "May God make your home beautiful, just as you have adorned ours."

After the event, Al Jassmi met with the Emirati and Arab media representatives present, praising the audience's love and significant interaction while commending the excellent organization by the Dubai Festivals and Retail Establishment in collaboration with Moments Events Company. He confirmed that he is preparing new and diverse Arabic musical works that will be released and presented to the audience post-summer.

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