Visit to Al Jasra Home or Beit Al Jasra by AWA members

AWA has many groups for the  members to join , one of such group is called the “On Island Tour”, the chairperson of this group is mostly a local Bahraini lady,who  arrange a tour to  new venue with interest history facts or an business that it be interesting for the new members to know the island in a better way .

Recently before the summer arrival we visited the Al Jasra House or Beit Al Jasra ,it is a must to visit to learn the history of Bahrain as there are several historic homes in Bahrain restored to their original condition, this one was built in 1907 and is famous as the birthplace of the former emir, Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Al Khalifa. It was constructed using local building materials of coral stone supported by palm-tree trunks, and the gravel in the courtyard is made up of a hundreds-and-thousands mixture of tiny stones and auger shells. You find the simple living style of those days Amir or King.

Drawing room of Al Jasra

Furniture at Al Jasra House

beautiful door

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