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Releasement, not enlightenment is the goal

The Hot Pan Effect to maintain discipline

Worthy Master, Unready Disciple.

Difference between men & Women

Cherish your Child, Don't curse God.

Think Clearly, Live Fully

Rights have to be earned

Insatiable People.

Man makes the house, Woman makes the home

Knowledge is a Barrier

Raise your thoughts and words not your voice

I want you to take a holiday

Power of accepting blame

Why do you keep books in the bathroom?

Should leaders lead, from the front or the rear?

Death of our Heroes

Men are Nutty, Women are Fruity

All sport is a simulation of hunting

Love is dead

Merely Chasing & Catching are insufficient for success.

Lessons from the 'Horse poop crisis' of 1894.

Getting Committees to perform

Two type of Mentors

Art is an emotion, not an object

Individualism is a dangerous myth

Are we Transforming or Transacting?

Stuff of Champions

Acquiring Twitter - Genius of Elon Musk

Dare we be different?

Acquiring Twitter - Genius of Elon Musk

Incredible power of ‘follow-up’

Self Destructive Males

The possibility to Spiritual Awaken

A perspective of our place in the universe

Without authority its difficult to fulfil responsibilities

Understanding Chain of Command and Chain of Responsibility

Structure - The framework of the team

Without Strategy, a Goal is a mere Fantasy

Blending Styles, of the Individual with the Organisation

Essential 4S for management success

Where to place the new recruits?

The problem is the problem (Jaws)

How do we know there is intelligent life out there?

Lessons from the best doorman

'Marriage' is not a word ...

When all is lost, all is found.

Wonder breaks shackles of ideology

Foreigners never ruled India

The myth about power and authority

Does power corrupt?

Perception shapes Reality.

You can't reduce costs if you don't know what your costs are

What 'you don't love me' really means.

Let the Boss go first

Release the Genie and get a massive problem

If you want to screw it up, ....

Overcoming the fear of working with friends and family

A Manager is not a Delivery Boy

Use annual appraisals to motivate and promote a meritocracy

Annual appraisals can cause lots of demotivation

What is not audited, is not done

Why does Love pass us by?

Are we aware, where we are headed with meditation?

Searching for the Sound of Silence

Why bosses and juniors are frequently in conflict?

To be Somebody and yet a Nobody

Lessons from making 'Stone Soup'

Convert vandals and trouble makers into stars

Naughty is good

Can our children inspire us?

You, call me Coloured!

The Evil Eye - Part 01

Being in the Present

Reading enhances leadership

Days eat up our life

Magnificent but ugly

I want to talk to you, Now

Who wants to live without you?

Why this Generation Gap?

If I want your opinion, I will give it to you.

Spend time not money on children

The possibility to spiritually awaken

Don't want to be White anymore.

The most dangerous thing in the world

Spiritually Asleep?

Committees, the most effective way to do nothing

Love blinds us to faults and hatred blinds us to virtues.

Alcohol, the monster.

Friend and Best Friend

Friendship, not love is the magic ingredient.

Maharaja Ranjit Singh - Sher-e- Punjab

Maybe happiness is this

Sincerity can be dangerous

Resist or Embrace?

Very nice. Must be fake

To Abandon Society

We create our own 'realities'.

A World of Beggars

Avoid Toxicity to be Peaceful and Happy

To develop the organisation by developing team members

Avoid Toxicity to be Peaceful and Happy

The Essential Misfit

Out of Mind and Blissful

Lost a Loved One?

Is the 'problem' my problem?

The Power of the Non-Existent

How can emptiness feel so heavy?

Joy at the end of the world

Outrunning Death

To Unify Humanity

Are we killing time or is time killing us?

War Propaganda - 10 Commandments


A word is worth a million images

Paths to Truth

Where the women are loved

We are all alone ..

Why in democracies, citizens want more, but want to give less?

How to make men go to war?

Why does familiarity usually lead to contempt?

Fundamental questions to answer to achieve goals.

Vitality of Laughter

‘Political Correctness’ screws up life.

A Woman is never happy to share her man, so ...

The difference between Success and Happiness

Temple of my Soul

To discover the secrets of the universe - Nikola Tesla

Is it, inspiration or envy?

Song Unsung

Failure is not the falling down, but the staying down.

Are we sure there is a problem?

Happiness is our encounter with 'The Sacred'.

The Bureaucrat's Bible

Philosophy is the origin of all science and spirituality

Dharma means universal order. Respect it to be successful and happy.

Sleep Walking

You are right, but I am not wrong.

I watch my mind more than I do my possessions

Ego, Esteem, Respect and Pride

What can Children teach us?

There are no strangers, only friends we have never met

Ego, is a must for success and happiness.

What shall we search for?

When to pray and when to meditate?


Fear is a State of Mind

Why is he playing so stupidly?

Already suffering because of fear

The teaching span is too long

Eye of the Storm.

I love you, Papa ji.

My Female Roommate

Being or Thing?

The fastest form of communication is ...

Shutting out the world - Hikikomori. The Japan example.

Say it and do it now, not when I am dead.

Marathon of life.

When I was young . . .

You want to go South and me North, so, bye bye.

Throwing money at a problem ensures expensive outcomes

Thinking is not optional

Opinion, Fact, Perception & Truth

Why it's known as April fool's day?

Let Her Go

Applause is a cause of worry

Where did her soul go?

Do people have ideas or ideas have people?

Who are we attracted to?

Where do Religion and Spirituality live?

Pursuing love ..

If you want great results, then ...

The power of Association

The power of Association

Management by Processes. A key to Success

I, Me, Myself, my Guru and my God

Why, Philosophy is Important

Life and work balance.

Kintsugi - The beauty in the flaw

The foolishness of seeking happiness in the 'Rat Race'

May laugh at the old, but never at the young.

What really is Experience and its importance to Success?

If it's not for money, then why do you write?

What is Truth?

What can wolf packs teach us?

Learning about voting from Joseph Stalin

It is necessary to constantly shed baggage in life

Why are friendships sometimes lost?

Who is a friend?

Chances of surviving COVID-19 are now very good.

Truth, Perception and Six Blind Men

Covid-19 is not the kiss of death.

Making things happen.

The calm after the storm.

This pale blue dot, is our Earth.

What it takes to be at peace with oneself

Goodbye, Dear Father

To nurture a garden, is to believe in tomorrow.

Charitable and Blissful

Love has not to be found ... it must not be lost

Worrying is like a rocking chair.

Those who have not lived, should not philosophise

What is Hell? - What is Heaven?

To succeed, create your own narrative

Are they goals or fantasies?

Not every teacher is a Guru.

The eighth wonder is, swallowing the world.

To seek the rose

Developed, Developing and Underdeveloped.

Joining the Family Business

One cannot frighten the brave.

Please, hold my hand.

Preparing the young for life

Open the window of your mind

Pandora's Box

Knowledge and Wisdom, what’s the difference?

Private Poetry - Trespassers Welcome

Who is right or what is right?

Fake news - Real eyes, Realise, Real lies.

Wash your hands properly

Terrify to Overpower


We are Human, not God.


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