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A sense of history and a piece of the future

The sky takes on the shades of orange as the sunsets

The beauty and the fragility of a rose

Poppin by at Al Jazira

A country’s emblem is an embodiment of it’s history

A four season horizon

Plumeria in full bloom

Shining twins

The sunset and the painted skies

Rangoon Jasmin ready to blossom and spread it’s fragrance

Night sky and high tide

Afternoon vibes

Abraj eye view

The world’s finest wilderness lies beneath the waves

Beautiful gentle bird

A rise in a full bloom

Causeway bridge looking bright at night

Grey sky becomes colorful

Nature is a miracle

The beauty of the bud waiting to bloom

Smooth sea and barge anchor holder ships

Morning with a beautiful weather

Old with class

Flowers in disguise

The shades of the morning sky

Underwater worlds spectacular beauty

Seas the day

Flowers need time to bloom

Great pumpkin rises out of the pumpkin patch

Sweet fragrant small white and pinkish flowers

Carve out some fun at Al Jazira

A beautiful view of Sanabis, this afternoon

A short walk down on a memory lane of olden days

High tides and good vibes

Traditional dhow and shiny armor

Parrotfish a key to Coral Reef

A thrill of riding a speed boat

It’s time to bloom

Beautiful view of late afternoon

A single flower can shower it’s sweet fragrance

The cutest pumpkins in a patch

Waterfall makes us notice it’s height

The sky speaks in many colors

Every green leaf is a miracle

Mankind vessel and a flying machine

Nature gives us beauty of its own

Cactus a desert rose

Night view of masjid Al Fateh

Cute little friends with fins

Smooth sea and a tanker ship

The fountains of Arabian Island’s peace and hospitality

A flower -to-be waiting to unfold it’s petals

Beautiful view of a colorful sunset

Flower that follows the sun

Under water museum

Landing of a big bird

Gateway to adventure

Sheikh Isa Bin Salman Causeway Bridge, linking Manama and Muharraq

Darker painted blue with silver stars sky and a traditional dhow

Morning view and little floating clouds

Grey sky and sunshine

A beautiful night view of Juffair

School bus more like cool bus

Beauty of the palm trees

Showers from the fountains

Pink sky and palm tree

Back to school

Looking up

At night the city comes alive with color

Growing “Figs”

Glowing sky with the setting of the sun

Artistic creation

Queen of the night

Sail away from safe harbor

A true work of art

Flowers that keep the garden growing

Bahrain grown figs

Beautiful path that leads us

Nature’s laughter.

An evening view rays of sunset makes the sky red and orange

The beauty of the sun rise and dhow ships

The Golden Falcon

Morning view of Juffair

A classic music device called the Gramophone

View of a masjid

Queen of the flowers


Sunlight makes the world come alive

Beautiful evening spot

Unique weather of July

The simple joy of bougainvillas

Nature is a treasure

When the wind is perfect,the sail just need to be open

Soft evening view

Time for sea

Standing merely

Two are better than one

“Bee” nature’s magician

And when the evening had come .

As water in a fountain flows

Clock tower roundabout, Riffa

Monument depicts history

A beautiful process of bloom

Birds are indicators of the environment

Embrace all living creatures and the whole nature in it’s beauty

The bird always find it’s way to their rest

The mangrove is our home.Protect it and it will feed us

It’s boat time

The moment when the sun and moon shared the sky

Looking out over the calm and silent Tubli lake

Expand your wings and fly high

When the bulbul sings

There’s always something new to be seen in the unchanging night

Happiness radiates as yellow flower on a sunny day

View of a beautiful and calming sunset

Isa Cultural Center, Bahrain

Every beautiful monument has its own story

Summer flowers to keep the garden growing

Let city light guide us

Hibiscus flower symbolizes strength,power and beauty.

Night view of the traditional dhow, Bahrain

Enjoy this summer,flower by flower

Power House, Bahrain

Night view of the twin towers, Bahrain

Slow and steady wins the race

A view of an industrial area in Bahrain

Now it’s the season of Bougainville

Bahrain Chamber

Skyline view of Manama from Diyar Al Muharraq

A beautiful masjid on the way of Diyar Al Muharraq

An inside view of Bab Al Bahrain

Glittering chandeliers

Flowers grow in the quietness

A Sunset view at Diyar Al Muharraq

The scent of jasmine flower soothes your soul

Happiness is...a bird landing close without seeing you

A view from the Tubli walkway

These are the cultural items of a country rich in heritage

The fragrance of a pure heart can be sensed everywhere

Kitkat, Ramadan Edition, spotted at a store in Germany

Dusty and haze, this afternoon in Bahrain

Afternoon View


Something about the cultural tradition of Bahrain

Bab Al Bahrain

Today’s view

Feeling sunflower joy!

The ocean at home- Al Gosi Mall, Bahrain

Monument of Bahrain Map , Tubli


Little flowers of May

The clock tower , Riffa

The bougainvillea blossom

Night view of Bahrain Financial Harbor

To go to sleep,I count fish not sheep

A bee’s too busy

Nature’s most fragrant charms

Beautiful tasbeehs

A beautiful Ramadan display at Al Hawaj

A beautiful mosque in the heart of Hoora

A little Ramadan setup at Gosi Mall

A glimpse of the memory lane at Bab Al Bahrain

Bling bling ? Brightening the place with their light

A beautiful view of Bab Al Bahrain

Traditional Arabic Bakhoor

One of Manama’s beautiful mosque

Sweet as a Georgia peach

Celebrating the tradition...girgaon

A ravishing golden flower- Marigold

Tut aleulyq

Deep in their roots all flowers keep their light

Pretty pansies, for the eye to behold.

Nature is pleased with simplicity

Today’s afternoon view

Flowers blossom for their own joy

Traditional dhow of Bahrain.

Flowers are like small lanterns, glowing on the forest floor..

Spring unlock the flowers, to paint the laughing soil!

Sunset above, sand below, peace within #beautifulbahrain

Down the shore, with the seagulls!

The birds of hope are everywhere, listen to them sing!


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