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My name is Akbar. I m from Bangladesh, but currently I live in Bahrain, from 2012. I love photography, travelling and challenging activists as well. 

I start taking pictures from 2010. Well still now I m learning photography, well there is no end of learning. My point of agenda is (Open your mind and explore the world). 

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Blue ocean with a city view of Bahrain

City view of Juffair, from Muharraq

Walking closer to the sun

Night view of Marina sea beach, Bahrain

Local food for Ramadan special

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Athletes in Bahrain.

Sun shining view of Bahrain National Museum

Bahrain Fort

Flamingo takeoff

pink and purple colour combination landscape view

Sun shining from Manama Bahrain

Bahrain National Museum

Daily work life

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Landscape with sunrise

Bahrain Buri dates farm

City view with a reflection

Flying Flamingo

Bahrain Zallaq sea beach

View of reef Island Manama

Bahrain national Museum

Monster look with a sunset

Busaiteen beach

Boating in Muharraq Sa'ada

The view of Manama Bahrain

Flying Object/Flamingo

Stylish look of Sport Man

The view of Manama Reef Island

Hoopoe birds

Horse riding

People with a Horse

The Asian Common Monkey

Dolphin park Manama

Moon light

Blood Sky

White flamingo

Road side Cat looking at me...

B/W Landscape

Bahrain athletics Sports, at Seef water park


City view from Saada Muharraq

Smallest butterfly

Art of photo shoot

Manama Flyover

City view

Bees collecting honey from flower

White Gull Bird

Reflection of lights / Night view of Bahrain

The beauty of sunset

customise GT car / Car show in Bahrain Moda_Mall

Al Fateh Grand mosque / The biggest mosque in Gulf.

Landscape of early morning

Bike In Car Show (Moda Mall)

Budaiya sea beach

Budaiya Mini Island

Flamingo / Solo single object

Landscape of Light painting

The landscape of Muharraq city/view

Horse riding


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