UPDATE: Coronavirus cases in Bahrain

ALL active cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in Bahrain involve people arriving from abroad or individuals who have been in contact with them, said an official.

There have been no local cases (community) registered within Bahrain, added BDF Hospital infectious diseases consultant and microbiologist and National Taskforce for Combating Coronavirus member Lt Col Dr Manaf Al Qahtani.

“All active cases registered within the past 24 hours were identified at the kingdom’s entry points,” he said.

Meanwhile, two Bahrainis, a male and a female, have recovered from Covid-19 and have been discharged from isolation after responding positively to the medical care provided.

Assistant under-secretary for public health Dr Mariam Al Hajeri said medical mobile testing units have tested 2,062 individuals who had returned from Iran during February, before Iran announced the outbreak of the virus.

She added that all individuals tested had contacted the hotline, 444, or visited the ministry’s website to schedule their medical examinations.

Of the 2,062 samples, 2,055 tested negative for the virus, with seven testing positive.

Dr Al Hajeri said all individuals testing positive had been transferred for isolation and treatment, and their contacts prior to isolation were also tested to ensure their health and safety.

She said all tested individuals were provided strict guidelines to follow, including self-isolation and monitoring for 14 days for which they will receive paid medical leave.

According to the Health Ministry’s webpage dedicated to Covid-19, there were 77 active cases of coronavirus in Bahrain last night.

It said 6,499 people had been tested of whom 6,422 tested negative. Of the 77 cases, 76 were stable and one was critical.

Meanwhile, Bahrain has called upon those who travelled to Italy, South Korea, Egypt and Lebanon, to self-quarantine for two weeks, the Health Ministry said in a tweet last night.

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