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Hello my name is Vincent, I am a photographer from the USA that recently moved to Bahrain. I enjoy nature, street, wedding, glamour and fashion photography. I am amazed by the rich culture of Bahrain and am eager to meet other photographers. I have a instagram account,  Silk Stage Photography. Please stop by and say hello.

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Full moon over Bahrain Bay

Enjoying the sunset and warm waters of Bahrain

Bahrain cityscape. (B&W series 2020)

Bahrain street beat. (B&W series) 2020

Bahrain cityscape. ( B&W series)

Bahrain street beat. (B&W series) Small businesses surviving 2020

Fishing 4Life (B&W series)

Just outside my window 2020

Crossing Bahrain Bay Bridge

The catch of the day

A day and a life of a fisherman in Bahrain

Land, Water and Sky

Bahrain at dusk.

A Fisherman's view of Bahrain's skyline..

A sunset view of Bahrain's skyline

Just another beautiful sunset in Bahrain

Sunset over Bahrain. Thankful for another Day..

The Park. Formally used by the children of 2019

Beautiful people of Bahrain. Smiles are so infectious.

The rich Bahrain culture. Happy and friendly people.

Saturday Market Bahrain 2020

Saturday Market Bahrain 2020


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