BIC engineers design ventilator breathing aid

Bahrain International Circuit (BIC) has designed breathing apparatus for non-ICU patients in need of respiratory assistance, officials announced today.

The device, suitable for patients who require ventilation support but are not in a critical condition, was designed and built from scratch by BIC engineers in co-operation with the respiratory therapy department, medical equipment department and intensive care doctors at Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC).

The BIC engineers designed two different machines, both of which meet the criteria set out by SMC. The first machine was created by design team lead and BIC mechanical engineer, Kamel A Taan, with the other led by Tareq Al Tajer.

The breathing aids have been tested at SMC in conjunction with the BIC team led by BIC chief operating officer Fayez Ramzy Fayez, with the endorsement of BIC chief executive Shaikh Salman bin Isa Al Khalifa.

Following these extensive tests, the machines have been approved for use by Bahrain’s Ministry of Health.

The devices were designed in just under two weeks and work is underway to develop the first 100 machines that are already under production in a dedicated facility at the circuit.

The BIC has also announced that it will make the blueprint designs freely available to organisations around the world seeking to find similar solutions.

“At a time of global crisis, we have been seeking ways in which the BIC can support the fight against Covid-19," Mr Fayez said.

"Our engineers have met that challenge by designing a ventilator system specifically to support those suffering from Covid-19. As this is a global effort, we are happy to make these designs available to other organisations around the world who are seeking to find similar solutions.”

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