Covid-19 Update Bahrain

Bahrain registered 214 new cases of Covid-19 yesterday, taking the total active cases to 2,066, the GDN's Raji Unnikrishnan reports.

Of the new cases, 159 were among expatriate workers, 53 were contacts of active cases and two are travel-related, said the Health Ministry.

The number of patients in a critical condition also jumped to four. The remaining active cases are 'stable'.

Another 98 people left treatment and isolation facilities yesterday, taking the total number of recoveries in Bahrain to 1,860.

This means Bahrain has so far registered a combined total of 3,934 cases of the coronavirus, including the 2,066 active cases, the 1,860 recoveries and eight deaths.

According to the ministry’s dedicated website for Covid-19, a total of 160,341 people have been tested for the virus around the country.

Meanwhile, the ministry updated the contact tracing details of 250 cases on its website. This includes 19 Bahrainis, 130 Indians, 55 Bangladeshis, 25 Pakistanis, 18 Nepalis, three Filipinos and one Ugandan.

The highlight of the latest update includes three of five children on the list who contracted the virus from a common contact. All three are Bahrainis – a two-year-old boy (case 2531), a five-year-old girl (case 2516) and a 10-year-old girl (case 2523) – who contracted the virus from a 54-year-old Bahraini female who tested positive after developing symptoms.

She also infected four others, all Bahraini adults (cases 2511, 2558, 2522 and 2517) – a 36-year-old man and women aged 23, 22 and 46 respectively.

A five-year-old Indian girl also developed symptoms and was tested positive (case 2569) and a 17-year-old Pakistani boy (case 2524) contracted the virus from a fellow national (case 2213) who was tested during random sampling. The 52-year-old is also the contact for a 51-year-old Pakistani (case 2529). Only one of the cases among the updated details had arrived from abroad, a 76-year-old Bahraini man (case 2633) who landed in Bahrain from Egypt on March 26 and tested positive during home-quarantine.

The new update also included 50 individuals who tested positive during random sampling in the community, including 24 Indians, 22 Bangladeshis, two Bahrainis and two Pakistanis.

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