VIDEO: Insight into the Sitra Quarantine Healthcare Facility

The number of people discharged from the Sitra field unit facility to treat Coronavirus Disease (Covid-19) in Bahrain has increased by 106 per cent since March, according to the head of the centre, writes GDNonline's Raji Unnikrishnan.

In an exclusive interview with the GDN, Sitra Quarantine Healthcare facility director Colonel Dr Nayef Lori said that manpower has been tripled at the centre, while continuous efforts are on to serve the people in the facility better.

Operational since March 18, the facility can accommodate around 4,000 people at any given time.

Another 154 intensive care beds have also been introduced as an addition to the facility earlier this month.

“The recent introduction is the admission and discharge process which helped in accelerating the procedures, the introduction of the i-Seha system and tripling the amount of manpower to serve the people as well,” said Col Dr Lori, a plastic reconstructive consultant and burn surgeon at the BDF hospital.

“We improved the discharge (numbers) as well and in the last seven days we have more than 1,000 (Covid-19) cases discharged from this facility.

“In co-ordination with the office under His Royal Highness the Crown Prince and the 444 team, we could accelerate the discharge process by 106 per cent.

“We are continuously trying to improve the quality of the service provided here from health to basic services like water, electricity, toilet services and others.”

The facility is the largest among the seven operational public facilities for the treatment of Covid-19 in the country. 

  • For more details, read tomorrow's GDN

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