VIDEO: Benji the therapy dog

Across the world, stories of dogs helping people fighting the coronavirus pandemic have emerged.

Only the other day, Benji, a 4-year-old Bernedoodle, was seen in a video, that went viral, rollerblading on its owner Andrew Laske's back.

The 70-pound canine has been spotted skiing, off-roading and even kayaking.

"This dude has seen a lot, he's helped a lot and he's made a lot of people smile," Laske said. "Obviously, he's my best friend."

Benji is a therapy dog that has put its best paw forward with a virtual fundraiser and online hospital visits amid Covid-19.

The pooch helps people at the Children's Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA), but during the coronavirus pandemic, he and his owner have had to get creative to connect with patients as a result of restrictions on visits.

Benji is an adorable and very talented dog whose tricks have made him a viral sensation with an estimated 20 million views.

The Bernedoodle is raising money on Saturday for CHLA's Walk and Play LA, which has now become a virtual fundraiser to benefit all programmes.

Between the therapy visits and now viral videos, Laske and Benji are trying to bring a little positivity with every post, like and share during an otherwise challenging time in our lives.

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