858 Covid-19 patients recover in 24 hours

BAHRAIN has recorded its highest daily tally of new Covid-19 cases and recoveries, bringing the total number to 15,417, reports the GDN's Raji Unnikrishnan.

The country also recorded another fatality yesterday, taking the death toll to 27.

The 72-year-old Bahraini man, a registered active case of coronavirus suffered from underlying and chronic health problems.

As many as 654 new cases were announced yesterday, while 858 individuals left treatment and isolation facilities within 24 hours.

This takes the number of active cases in the country to 5,064 and the total recoveries to 10,326.

This takes the number of active cases in the country to 5,064 and the total recoveries to 10,326.

Of the active cases, 69 are receiving treatment and 12 remain in critical condition, said the Health Ministry.

“During the past 24 hours, the Health Ministry has recorded 858 recoveries, increasing the total recoveries to 10,326,” it said in a statement.

“(A total of) 654 new cases have been registered among 314 expatriate workers and 299 contacts of active cases, while 41 are travel-related.

“There are currently 69 cases receiving treatment, of which 12 are in a critical condition, while 5,052 cases are stable out of a total of 5,064 active cases.”

It added that a total of 374,362 tests for Covid-19 have been conducted across Bahrain so far.

Among the fatalities are 12 expatriates, including one woman, while the remaining are citizens, including three women.

The GDN previously reported that an average of one life a day has been lost to Covid-19 in the last week.

Two deaths were reported on Sunday, both expatriates, which followed two more deaths among expats on Saturday.

A 48-year-old expatriate man died on June 4, while a 37-year-old expatriate man died on June 3.

This came after four deaths were recorded within 24 hours, which the ministry said were patients who did not report their symptoms when they first felt them.

Three of them – two Bahraini men aged 88 and 70 and a 42-year-old expat man – were reported on May 31, while a 59-year-old Bahraini man died on May 30.

And on May 27 a 53-year-old expat man died from the virus.

Meanwhile, the ministry yesterday updated contact tracing details of 75 additional cases, which include nine Bahrainis and 57 expatriates.

Among the expats are 47 Indians, six Bangladeshis, five Pakistanis, four Nepalis, three Filipinos and one Ghanaian.

Yesterday’s youngest updated contact tracing case is a one-year-old Bahraini boy (case 6009) who contracted the virus from a 37-year-old Bahraini woman (case 5261). The woman has infected another child, a four-year-old Bahraini girl (case 5989). Two other children were featured in the list yesterday – both Bahraini girls aged 17 and nine (cases 6047 and 6039). 

The teenager tested positive after developing symptoms, while the other was a contact of case 5498, a Bahraini man who tested positive after developing symptoms.

The oldest on the list is a 72-year-old Bahraini man (case 6040), who also tested positive after developing symptoms.

All known contacts of these cases are being traced and tested, added the ministry.

A total of 48 cases were also accounted to random samplings across the country, which included both citizens and expatriates.

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