An inspiring call for global solidarity

A special edition cover of Sister Sledge’s hit We Are Family will be released in a new and inspiring call for global solidarity to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic and to generate proceeds to address  global health challenges. The initiative is being launched by The World We Want, the global social impact enterprise, and Kim Sledge, part of the legendary multi-Gold and Platinum recording music group, in benefit of the WHO Foundation, and supported by the World Health Organization (WHO).

This new initiative, being launched ahead of United Nations Day on October 24 , will also be accompanied by a unique video and social media campaign, and sound a bold and hopeful call for solidarity, unity, and collaboration to promote and protect the health and wellbeing for every person on the planet.

The inspiration to release the classic track came in March 2020.

Kim, a vocalist, philanthropist, novelist, songwriter, producer and minister, said: "From the doctors and nurses on the front lines, to the paramedics and police, from the midwives and scientists to the carers for the vulnerable, the We Are Family initiative will salute each and every one with a feeling of unity, strength and solidarity in response to the unprecedented challenges the world faces as a result of the coronavirus outbreak.

“There are many people who motivated me to embark on this new initiative in support of making We Are Family come to life, and who are very dedicated to finding ways to conquer this crisis. They include my close family friend Lou Weisbach, my Mercy Seat Ministry brothers and sisters, and all of the global health workers, scientists, the essential labourers, care givers and emergency personnel around the world who have been working day and night during the pandemic in support of others."

The #WeAreFamily campaign is focussed on raising awareness on, and much needed resources for, addressing global public health needs, from emergency preparedness, outbreak response, and stronger health systems to promoting mental health and preventing non-communicable diseases.

It will be released online for download on  November 9 in conjunction with the opening of the World Health Assembly, at which Kim is also scheduled to perform the song alongside choral singers from New York to Tonga. A portion of the song’s proceeds will be donated to the WHO Foundation to support the delivery of life-saving health services.

Join the We Are Family video campaign

In support of the song’s release, a call is being launched for people worldwide to submit videos of themselves singing We Are Family for inclusion in a unique and inspiring compilation video for release on December 7. This video will honour the incredible work of the frontline workforces risking their lives around to save ours, and all those around the world who have been affected by the pandemic.

To submit sing-along videos to the special edition cover version of the  song, the key steps are:

●     Record yourself singing We Are Family either alone, or with friends and family, whilst observing physical distancing guidelines.

●     Share the video on your favourite social media channel, with the hashtag #WeAreFamily #COVID19 #HealthforAll and tag @WHO, @The_WorldWeWant and @thewhof.

●     Upload your video to  

●     If you want your video to be considered for inclusion in the global We Are Family video, you will need to share your video by November 30.

●     Video clips will be selected based on age, geographical diversity, and appropriate physical distancing if the video includes groups of people beyond immediate family members and correct handwashing if singing along to the song while washing hands.

●     More details including Terms & Conditions can be found here 

For further information, please contact

The World We Want:  

[email protected]

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