Top 10 abaya styling tips

Abayas have evolved into fashionable attire; from the closed abaya to open, kimono style, draped, two-piece, and butterfly design. Abayas are the epitome of modest fashion and depending on the design and type of fabric, you will know when a specific style is suitable to wear.

Fashion designer Amal Murad says that an embroidered abaya is best to match accessories with the colours of the embroidery. 

Here are some more tips from fashionistas across the region on how to style an abaya:

1.       Oversized Abayas are in; always go for two sizes bigger than your actual size. – Amal Murad

2.       Wearing different textured tone on tone Abayas, with a contrasting clutch, will add elegance to your evening. – Amal Murad

3.       When fashion influencer Mthayel wears a fancy abaya, she makes sure to wear something simple under the abaya to balance the look.

4.       Dalal AlDoub decides on the type of shoes to wear depending on her abaya’s length and style. In this case, she paired her embellished abaya with a fancy pair of heels.

Khattafya wears front-open style abayas as a layer to other outfit like a long dress.

ShahadFZ1 chooses the same shade for her headwear and shoes that matches the colour and style of her abaya.

7.       Fatima AlBloushi wears a simple make up and leaves most oft he colour and sparkle on the abaya she’s wearing.

8.       Hiba Saleh uses a contrasting shade of handbag to add a bit of colour to the whole outfit.

9.       Fatimah Al Ansari shares her favourite style having simple embroidery touches on a black abaya for a simple yet elegant look.

10.  Like Amal, influencer Muna AlMulla believes wearing dresses under open abayas can make the look come together and look effortless, a little contrast between the colors, can make a girl feel confident and glamorous even when it’s simple yet elegant.

More than the style, abaya wearers should know that each fabric requires a special attention. Persil 2in1 Abaya Shampoo is designed specifically to provide special care for abayas, offering two benefits – it protects the colour and softens the fabric.

By Persil Abaya Shampoo 

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