Levi's launches new capsule collection to support artists

Artist Mark Blamire said: “It will all be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, it’s not the end."

This is just one of the many quotes on the Levi’s t-shirts & sweatshirts in the new capsule collection created in partnership with Amplifier.

Amplifier is a non-profit design lab that builds art and media experiments to amplify the most important movements of our times.

Levi’s is trying to hold on to  and spread good cheer by launching this collection. 

The capsule collection showcases some of the best artworks by artists who use their craft to express their zest for life. 

The t-shirts and sweatshirts feature messages and artwork that beautifully connect with the current global situation- the pandemic. They are bold, impactful, eye-catching and drive home the message of safety and togetherness.

Some have the line “One Big Earth – One Big Mind”  written on them and others have “Satark Nari” or “Cautious Woman” printed on them. There are also some which ask you to “Always Hope”, and have an optimistic state of mind so that we can appreciate our relationships with each other and with the planet.

Shruti Sinha, Maíra Martines Da Costa, Dennis Vernooij, Mark Blamire, and Chris Maze are some of the artists who have worked on the collection.

Sanjeev Mohanty, managing director – South Asia, Middle East & North Africa, Levi Strauss & Co, said: “We believe in being a force for positive change in our communities. We felt it was important to support the artists who are spreading the word of love and optimism through their craft."

Meanwhile, Amplifier executive director Cleo Barnett, said: "We believe that art can be a compass guiding us to the bright future we all want to live in."

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