Umbro secured the ball sponsorship of the Iraq Premier League

Umbro secured the ball sponsorship of the Iraq Premier League and on November 18, the Umbro Neo Toba exclusively made its first appearance on the pitch.

The design of the Neo Toba showcases the colours of the national flag. The graphics are based on ancient Mesopotamian symbols representing the sun and stars, which still today capture Iraq’s cultural values.

The pattern is also inspired by the shape of the Euphrates and Tigris rivers.

Based on Umbro’s tried and tested Neo X Elite, the Neo Toba features a 10-panel construction which delivers a greater sweet spot and a more consistent bounce.

The outer casing is made from Teijin Ecopet, a material made from recycled plastic bottles.

A micro-dot texture has been added to the surface creating a pimpled pattern for extra grip.

The ball was constructed using a Dual Pressure System lining, which provides a cleaner, uninterrupted surface. Its seams are smoother and tighter, resulting in a uniform and aerodynamic ball with faster and truer flight.

The Neo Toba has also been certified as “FIFA Quality Pro” and the FQP mark is stamped on every ball, which means it is suited for use in all official professional matches.

The Neo Toba will only be available to the Iraq Premier League.

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