Adiós El Mago

BUENOS AIRES - Alejandro Sabella, the coach who took Argentina to the World Cup final in 2014, has died aged 66 after years of battling with cancer and heart problems.

Sabella’s death came less than two weeks after the passing of Diego Maradona, who played with Sabella for the Argentine national side in the 1980s.

During his playing career, Sabella's nicknames were el Mago ("the Magician") and Pachorra ("Sloth"), because of his perceived slowness during play.

Sabella played for River Plate, Estudiantes, Ferro Carril Oeste in Argentina. He played in England for the two giants Sheffield and Leeds. He also played for Grêmio in Brazil and Irapuato in Mexico.

The Argentine won three titles with River Plate and two with Estudiantes as a player.

His coaching career is remarkable as he won the Copa Libertadores with Estudiantes which qualified them to play in the Club World Cup and reaching the final game. Estudiantes lost to Barcelona in the final game.

His most successful moment in football when he led Argentina to reach the final game in FIFA World Cup 2014 in Brazil, Argentina lost to Germany, but it remained as one of the most successful moments for Sabella and the Argentine football after FIFA World Cup 1990 in Italy when they also lost to Germany in the final game.

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