New Year, new fashion resolutions

As we step into the New Year, it’s time to reflect on the fashion industry. Brands and manufacturers are working towards a more sustainable future for the industry.

Boundarie_, the newest fashion e-movement, was created to fill the gap in the market for a slow fashion platform that brings together quality, comfort and accessibility.

This female-owned, female-led homegrown business aims to make shoppers more aware of their spending habits while wrestling with the complexities of consumption and bettering the planet through their bold initiatives.

Here are their four key resolutions:

1- Intentional purchases:

Consider how your hard-earned money is spent. By supporting local and ethical brands, your money doesn’t only get spent on something meaningful, but can empower causes that align with your values for longer term impacts.

2- Daily decisions can save the planet:

On the same note, slow fashion simply means shopping less often and making more out of each garment by curating your closet with versatile and high-quality pieces that have longevity.

3- Be unique to your true self:

Finding real joy comes from being able to express your true self unapologetically. Follow your personal style without worrying about conforming to people’s opinions and perspectives.

4- Set and push your boundaries:

Cutting out bad habits is typically at the top of all resolution lists, but with a little inspiration, the overspending, overbuying, and post purchase dissonance are as good as gone.

For details, visit and @Boundariecom

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