Start your New Year with spice from @camilleschili

Spice up your 2021 with @camilleschili which is packed with fiery flavours of mango, coconut, tomato garlic, orange pinapple, lemon ginger and the most recent limited edition- cranberry chili.

You can eat it on the side or marinade your food with it. Every chili gives your dish a different and special oomph.

I love putting the tomato garlic or coconut chili with my pasta dishes while the mango and cranberry make for great chicken marinades for grilling. The orange pineapple is the bomb with rice and meat dishes and that lemon ginger is fab with shrimp and seafood.

These chilis are made at home with love by Secyhellois Sam Camille who was born and brought up in Bahrain. He has had a passion for spice since he was a kid and now, he hopes to pass on his zest for flavours and heat to chili fanatics across the kingdom.

I never used to eat spicy, flavourful food and now I don't know how I lived without it.

Find out more about price and delivery by following @camilleschili on Instagram and place your order by whatsapping 37736387.

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