Twins delivered by paramedics

Two hero paramedics delivered a surprise bundle of joy when they arrived to take a pregnant Bahraini to hospital only to find she had already given birth to one child and had another on the way.

Indian paramedic Prince Joseph and his assistant and driver Bahraini Abdullah Adnan told the GDN that they were pleasantly stunned when they reached the Ma’ameer home of Sadiq Mohammed yesterday morning ... just eight minutes after receiving a distress call saying his wife, Eman Ali Hassan, was in labour.

“By the time we reached there, the mother had already given birth to a boy, and he was crying next to her on the bed,” Mr Joseph told the GDN. “We then realised she was carrying twins and the second baby was almost out.”

The paramedics sprung into action as both babies were still attached to mum’s umbilical cord.

“I first disconnected the baby boy, covered him and attended to the second,” Mr Joseph said.

After the successful birth, the exhausted 27-year-old mother and babies were taken by ambulance to Salmaniya Medical Complex (SMC) followed by Mr Mohammed.

Today, the couple have returned home with baby Mohammed, the first to arrive who weighed in at 2.6kg. His tiny 1.6kg sister, Maria, is being cared for at SMC.

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