Bahrain’s economy ‘is bouncing back’

Bahrain’s economy is bouncing back thanks to concerted efforts between the government and the private sector, the top official of a leading exhibitions organiser has said, as a showcase of prime real estate worth millions of dinars got underway yesterday.

According to Jubran Abdulrahman, managing director of Hilal Conferences and Exhibitions (HCE), the organiser of the Gulf Property Show at The Avenues, the outlook for events in the post-pandemic world is looking up judging by the “phenomenal” turnout and deals being signed within minutes of the exhibition opening.

“This tells us that people are wanting to invest in the country again,” said Mr Abdulrahman during the opening of the mall edition of the Northern Gulf’s boutique showcase for real estate.

Inaugurated by Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) chief executive Dr Nasser Al Qaedi, on behalf of Industry, Commerce and Tourism Minister and BTEA chairman Zayed R Alzayani, the exhibition is Bahrain’s first property-focused event in two years as the nation slowly recovers from the global pandemic.

“We are so excited after a two year sabbatical to kick-start the Gulf Property Show at The Avenues once again. We have been pleasantly surprised by the number of exhibitors that participated with us and the turnout this morning has been phenomenal,” said Mr Abdulrahman.

“There are a lot of units that are being showcased by various leading developers ranging from the affordable segment to the luxury high-end market.”

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