Implementations of Communism in improving Corporate and Local Business by Sir. Armaan Bin Awaz

This article is not about implementations of communism in Bahrain. But the reenactment of a state governed by communism. 

Internationally, economic trades are less and corporate and local businesses products are getting negative comments by cosumers. There are reasons why in this world of consumer trades to economy in CP and SP trades make a difference that does not play fair. 

Suppose is producer and y is consumers, then:

Trading of PxC: x = y Profit for X


So, X and Y relationships in this world affects the economy and seems as a gamble. 

Nowadays, corporate and local business have many disadvantages:

1. Less funding on products 

2. Consumer Reactions depend on business as fads or boycotts. 

3. Low Marketing 

4. Scandals 

Such to these unfair policies, people have such suggestions to improve politics and economics. If people come together to share thier implementations of a fair world, then it is called p Innovation. 

Consumer Fair Policies= p  

One effective way would be communism. Reenacting a world of communists, economic flairs would be laid down at the negotiating table by the freedeom of speech.

Suppose, we need to make fair trades then in this case equivalent= x



In this world and Y would make two different trades of opposite bargain. All companies have the goal of marketing but not the trade or relationship between and Y

Communism may bring socialism and influence of markets may be effecient. 

The same principle could be applied to Stock Markets. If company p, offering IPO then original shareholder x sold position to consumer y. Then the trade is accurate. Dividends seem more like gambling on luck and some say stock markets are commitments to money if you know the principle, but this relationship of X,Y to Y,X is not equivalent and is confusing as FIibonacci sequence. Simplification can be constructed and so why not X ^ X and suppose initial public offering by a company by 6000 BHD, then buys the position and value does not increase (several reasons- startup asset), it is loss while X sells to Y it marks no difference except profit for SP increasing value to 1,000 BHD. 


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