Prize writing contest - September entries still welcomed!

KEEN writers in Bahrain are being offered the chance to publish their work on Bahrain's sensational new social media platform in an exciting GDNlife prize competition. 

Adult wordsmiths will compete for a monthly BD25 prize and one talented child will walk away with a pair of movie tickets. Both winning stories will also be announced in print and online , in the GDN and GDNonline.  

Winning stories, of no more than 800 words, will then compete for an annual GDNlife Short Story of the Year prize trophy … and even entries that do not win the judges’ approval could still walk away with an accolade - The GDNlife People’s Choice Award - for receiving the most views and likes.

GDNonline editor and GDNlife administrator Stanley Szecowka said: “All writers dream of having their work published and our community platform offers a unique opportunity for them to shine and win prizes!”

For the adult competition (18 and over) which is open to all residents of Bahrain, GDNlife has teamed up with the Bahrain Writers Circle, to judge the entries.
The children’s category (up to 17), again open to locals and expats, will be judged by a team of English teachers and GDNlife administrators.

The competition is now open. Simply write your short story of no more than 800 words and post it in the PEOPLE section of GDNlife after registering on the platform.

Winners will be announced early every month on the platform, in print and online. 

All entries submitted will be considered, so if your entry does not win this month, it may take a prize in the future.

Please choose an image to highlight your words and title your piece Short Story Entry with your name and age.

Get writing … you could be a winner!

For more details email [email protected]

  • Pallavi    9/21/2020 10:41:39 AM

    Dear Mr. Stanley I have posted a short story (adult ) for September, in people section . Thanks

  • Arihant   8/22/2020 10:51:15 PM

    Hi Mr. Stanley! I have posted my story on the people section for the August writing competition. It is still waiting for approval but will have been approved by the time you read this. My age is 15 and my word count is 733 words. Hope it's okay. Thanks!

  • Tess Jannah   7/5/2020 6:21:04 PM

    Hello Mr. Stanley! I have posted my short story on the People section for the July writing competition. I have mentioned my age and word count. It appears as part of the title. Hope that it's okay. Thanks!

  • Pallavi    7/2/2020 3:53:42 PM

    Hi Can I send poetry as well ?

    • AdminStan

      This is a short story competition. However, please feel free to publish and share your poetry on GDNlife!

  • Amna   6/18/2020 3:43:47 PM

    How I should submit my short story for this competition?

    • AdminStan

      Hi Amna, I see that you have managed to master the platform! Can I just clarify your entry is for the adult section?

    • Amna

      Sure, thank you.

  • Kashaf Luqman   5/6/2020 3:53:05 PM

    When do we get the result for the April entries?

  • Marhaba   3/11/2020 7:02:02 PM

    Can residents of UAE also submit their entries?

  • Nabeela Begum   3/11/2020 5:28:08 PM

    Is there a deadline?

    • AdminStan

      It will carry on throughout 2020 and maybe beyond!

  • Imran   3/11/2020 7:57:43 AM

    Nice one Stan. Creative;)

  • Andre   3/1/2020 6:43:42 PM

    Nice to encourage the younger generation to write and read again 👍👍

  • Shumaila   2/29/2020 1:57:31 PM

    Really glad to see this take on young writers... My kid is already very excited. Will be posting the story soon❤️

  • Ronnie   2/29/2020 8:56:50 AM

    Great initiative...GDNLife is all about our community coming together through videos pictures and stories creating new bloggers and influencers posting about anything and everything of interest to our vibrant society

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