VIDEO: RIA 'book grab' continues

A giant ‘book grab’ is being opened on Saturday to raise funds for the RIA Institute, which has been operating in Bahrain for 20 years and cares for students with learning and developmental disorders along with able-bodied children.
Student director and co-founder Christine Gordon said that special measures will be introduced to ensure the event adheres to strict Covid-19 measures introduced to prevent the spread of the virus.

“We’ve had hundreds of books donated to us over the years and, with so many people currently spending more time at home, we thought it would be an ideal time to stage a book grab,” she said.

Social distancing rules will apply during Saturday’s three-hour event with no more than three people invited into the institute’s Adliya grounds from 9.30am. Face masks must be worn.
“The book grab area is outside and sanitised daily,” added Christine, “and we ask visitors to bring their own reusable shopping bag and please wash their hands too when they get home.
“They can fill their bag with a maximum of 15 books each. We have a fabulous range of all descriptions and donations will be gratefully received for RIA’s ongoing educational programmes.”
Books have played a big part in RIA’s success story, with Baloo’s Reading Buddies, a therapy dog programme running at the centre, offering support to students.

  • The book grab will be held daily, except Friday, until all the books are gone. For more details call 33900702. 

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