Second phase of the Lulu Hypermarket expansion at Dana Mall unveiled

The second phase of the Lulu Hypermarket expansion at Dana Mall was opened to shoppers this evening with a signature emphasis on fresh food, fruits and vegetables and a larger fish and seafood counter selection.

The 1,456sqm section is part of the flagship store’s enhanced shopping experience offering that will see its space increase by 40 per cent and embrace many new food trends, emphasising healthy eating options and variety, as well as convenience and the trademark Lulu quality and price benefits, a store spokesman said.

Highlights include a special service where customers can buy fresh fish at the seafood counter and have it prepared and cooked to their preference by Lulu’s specialty chefs while they shop. They can choose a marinade to go with the type of fish selected and also the method of cooking – baked, steamed, grilled or cooked in spicy gravy, curry style.

The latest phase of the flagship store’s expansion coincides with Onam festival celebrations in the Indian expat community.
Earlier in July, the first phase was inaugurated with a bespoke Grains and Flour Mill Section allowing customers to order specialty flour milled to their preference and choose from a wide range of grains and millets. The expanded section also includes a larger Bakery and Delicatessan and live cooking stations. The popular Lulu Hot Foods section has also been extended and a variety of culinary live stations from Oriental dim sum to Japanese sushi or opt for India tawa and tandoor preparations ranging from breads to dosa, all prepared to order.

The next phase of the expansion will see the upgrading of the electronics and fashion segments of the hypermarket. 

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